How to style a cosy, minimalist home.

I like to party. 

By 'party', I mean... I like to stay home and watch Netflix.

Throw in a blanket, some chocolate Hobnobs and the comfiest joggers (not for jogging btw) - and you've just about reached divinity. 

Winter is coming, the nights are closing in - and 99% of my life until March is going to revolve around my cosy little home. So... naturally, it was only right to invite you over.


I don't know about you, but when it comes to interiors -  I couldn't choose a favourite style, even if my life depended on it. (I'm not sure in what world that scenario would ever play out - but it sounds pretty terrifying.)

I love modern, contemporary homes. I love eclectic, colourful homes. I love scandi homes. I love beams. I love clean lines. I love bohemian furniture. I love the seventies.  I love marble. I love natural textures. I love antiques. I love neon.

Okay - bonus points for the person that can tell me - how do you make a home from all of the above? Cosy, 'lived-in' and inviting - whilst nodding to all of those eclectic tastes? 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Colour Palette 🎨

The colour palette of my home comprises of cooler tones - splashes of white, greys, and blues. Not one bit of magnolia in sight - PHEW.

That being said, don't be afraid to throw some bold hues into the mix. How do you like my antique red chesterfield armchair ? It's my pride and joy. (I don't have kids yet...)

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Jumping the gun 🔫

Woah now. Impatience will have you rushing to the end with choosing your furnishings. My fave spaces in our home have all taken time to source and have evolved over time. 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Relax, it's not a show home.

In our home you'll find all kinds of design and styles - including antique treasures that we've collected over the years. But above all - it's a place to relax. A 'don't touch' home would never work around here. 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey


In any given room, I like to have a full array of textures going on. Wood floors, leather, linen, tassels and studs. Layers on layers on layers.  

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Go Plant Lady 🌿

If loving plants is wrong, I don't want to be right. 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

That's dark, bro 🌑

I'm not afraid of going dark with my colour schemes - in the right setting they can help to create a rich, cosy backdrop. 

We have a small home - and for us, it works best to nestle our sofa in under the stairs. How cosy does this little corner look? Charcoal grey walls enveloping the sofa make it feel just like a big grey nest.

Where does the sofa end? It doesn't. 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey


I love my terrarium. It's modern, geometric shape really makes a statement next to our antique fireplace.  I love unlikely pairings. 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Quality Textiles

My greatest indulgence is usually textile-related. I'm more than happy to splurge on really special items like this Moroccan hand-woven cotton cushion, and Balinese macrame wall-hanging. I consider pieces like these to be real heirlooms that will be around for years and years. 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Turn down the lights 💡

But seriously - I don't know if we can be friends if you leave the main light on. There's something about bright light that reminds me of school. Or hospitals. Either way - I don't want to be in either of those places. 

We bounce warm light off the walls with a couple of simple lamps and plenty of candles.

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Bare Necessities 

When it comes to your kitchen - only keep the bare necessities on the surface. If you clutter it up - you're inviting more clutter to join in and before you know it - there's nowhere to chop the chicken. Nightmare. 

My House - Blog - Jessica Withey

Out of sight, out of mind

'Where do you put all the ugly stuff?', I hear you ask. 

Well... you should see inside the cupboards. It's appalling. And when we run out of storage behind doors, we have cool boxes and baskets in pretty much every room. They're great for throwing the extra clutter in - pens - hairbands - nerf guns - whatever you find lying around on the side. 

If I can leave you with one resounding piece of advice it'd be this ; you don't have to stick to one look or theme. Express yourself in your home. If you like it - go ahead and add it in to the mix. 

As for the rest of my house - that's not finished just yet. In the meantime, I'll be saving my pennies and taking my time sourcing the right pieces. Can't WAIT to show you what I have in mind for the bathroom tho... 

Go ahead and let me know what you thought of my home in the comments below. ❤️

Jess x