Some free, (& kind of impartial), advice.

Daisy & Johnny - Engagement Shoot - Jessica Withey Photography

Wondering if you should bother having an engagement session with your photographer? More to the point, is there even enough time before the big day to meet any of your wedding suppliers? 

With everything that's going on in the lead up to a wedding, it can be pretty overwhelming. Gurl, I get it. 

BUT, there's nothing like your own wedding to teach you about the experience of being a bride. I consider myself somewhat of a professional bride these days. 😉

Would you like some free advice? 

Okay then. 


As a bride (and groom), we made the decision that we wouldn't be inviting anyone that we wouldn't take for a cheeky Nandos. (Seriously... this was our system of choosing guests).

But think about it for a second - how many of the people on your guest list do you know, and care about enough to treat to a meal? If you wouldn't pay for them to eat with you in Nandos, why the HELL would you pay £99 pp for them to eat with you on the most important day of your life? You don't know these jokers. This is your wedding day. You don't get to do it twice. 

For us, the same applied to our wedding suppliers - we'd be spending the majority of our day with these people. 

Let's be real for a second - those 200 guests are going to want to congratulate you, point their iPads at you, and make weird small-talk with you.

You're going to have to grab 30 minutes for your couple's photos and this will be the first, and maybe the only time you'll be 'alone' all day. Why would you want to spend ANY of that time with a creepy stranger and their camera?

So my advice...

- YOU DO YOU. Don't let anyone force you into anything when it comes to your wedding. You don't have to invite that estranged uncle you've literally never met, and you don't have to wear your grandmothers dress. Something blue? Who even made that up anyway? Some random guy in history, that's who.

- Choose a photographer that you'd actually want to be friends with. In real life.

- Make time to meet them - whether that's an engagement session, meeting for a drink, or even just a skype (international brides - I'm looking at you!). **Meeting your photographer on your wedding morning is a recipe for all kinds of awkward. 

- Why not schedule an engagement shoot anyway? If you're anything like me, as soon as you're in front of the camera you don't know what to do with your body parts... LOL. But there's hope for us all and practice really does make perfect.   

If you're a bride of mine... here's my formal invitation, let's be friends (with benefits*)

*the benefits are the photos, cheeky...

Let's eat good food, go on an adventure, create some inside jokes and drink a few cocktails. I'm down, if you're down. 


Here's some cute as feedback from our bride-to-be Daisy who had an engagement session with us just a few weeks ago :

"Jess!!! OHHH EEEM GEEEE!! These photos are just so amazing! You're so bloody good aren't you!?

We love them so much, they're perfect...I actually can't stop looking at them.

We're so happy you're our photographer! THANK YOU!" 


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