**BUNDLE** Workflow & Retouch Actions

**BUNDLE** Workflow & Retouch Actions

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{Actions for Photoshop & PSE}

With my Workflow & Retouch Action Bundle you can quickly enhance, colour-correct and retouch your images - all while achieving a professional and beautiful finish. 

(Compatible with English versions of Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 , CS6, CC or Photoshop Elements (PSE)  6-15) 

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Workflow Actions include

3 Base Actions

Perfect Colour - An all-in-one colour boost. 

Matte Film - Ever wondered how everyone is achieving that 'film' look? This action can turn your digital photograph into an image that looks just like it was shot on a film camera. Voila!

Flat Black & White - A matte, all-in-one black and white action. 

5 Tone Enhancements

- Tones, Hazes, Tints, Gradients...
- Stackable so you can mix & play

4 Finishing Actions


The Retouch Set includes:

All-in-One & Bonus Actions:

All-in-One Retouch: Retouch & Makeover all in one convenient action.  
Includes: Eye Sparkle, Darken Lashes, Whiten Teeth, Rosy Lips & Cheeks, Skin Smoother, Highlighter (hair, skin, lips, etc.), and an optional Auto-Histogram Fix.
Clean Colour: Beautiful, all-in-one clean colour workflow action. 
Includes optional brush-on colour pop.  Use after retouching to complete your edit.

Skin Retouching Actions:

Ultra Smooth Skin: For beautiful, super smooth skin and a clear complexion.
Natural Smooth Skin: Create gorgeous smooth skin while retaining natural
and refined skin texture. You control the amount of smoothness and detail.
Instant Perfect Skin: Instantly smooths and improves skin tone and clarity. 
Pore Diminisher: Gently smooth pores and even skin tones. 
Wrinkle Eraser: Reduce or diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Simple Skin Smoother: An everyday, medium coverage skin smoother (great for children or light retouch).
Creamy Light Skin: Create creamy, baby smooth, beautiful skin while diminishing unwanted red tones. (great for newborns)
Creamy Powder: Even skin tone and shine with this light, matte, creamy powder. 

Eye Retouching Actions:

All-in-One Eye Action:  Create gorgeous, sparkly eyes with this all-in-one action.  Includes Eye Sparkle, Whiten Eye Whites & Darken Lashes:  This action is totally adjustable, quick and easy to use, and all inclusive.
Quick Eye Sparkle: Super quick eye brightening for more subtle eye sparkle.
Smokey Eyes (Shadow & Mascara): Create soft or dramatic smokey eyes.

Teeth, Lips, Cheeks:

Whiten Teeth: Lighten, brighten & remove unwanted yellow tones from teeth to create a beautiful, pearly white smile. 
Rosy Lips / Cheeks:  Brush on soft, beautiful rosy tones to lips and cheeks.
Lip Balm: Subtle smoother and gloss for lips.

Adjustment Brushes:

Light/Dark Brushes:  Paint with light or dark. Non-destructive dodging & burning.
Shadow Brightening Brush: Brush on desired areas to recover details and
brighten shadow areas.
Highlight Recovery Brush:  Protect your highlights and recover highlight details.
Saturation Brush:  Brush on a burst of colour pop right where you want it.

Colour Correction:

Whiten Whites:  Removes unwanted tones and purifies whites.
Yellow Out: Gently remove unwanted yellow tones & casts (great for blonde hair).
Red Out: Reduce unwanted red tones or casts from skin or other areas.


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