Retouch Actions

Retouch Actions

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{Actions for Photoshop & PSE}

My Retouch Actions will help you quickly retouch and edit your photos while achieving beautiful, professional results.  

The set includes options to help you achieve both subtle, natural retouching edits or more dramatic retouching transformations. What's more, the 'Retouch' set includes over 25 fully adjustable Photoshop actions! 

For a limited time, the set includes "Clean Colour" - a beautiful, clean workflow action and a perfect way to complete your edits.

***Examples were edited to show what these powerful actions can achieve, however the effects can be as subtle and natural as you like.***

(Compatible with English versions of Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 , CS6, CC or Photoshop Elements (PSE)  6-15) 



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The Retouch Set includes:

All-in-One & Bonus Actions:

All-in-One Retouch: Retouch & Makeover all in one convenient action.  
Includes: Eye Sparkle, Darken Lashes, Whiten Teeth, Rosy Lips & Cheeks, Skin Smoother, Highlighter (hair, skin, lips, etc.), and an optional Auto-Histogram Fix.
Clean Colour: Beautiful, all-in-one clean colour workflow action. 
Includes optional brush-on colour pop.

Skin Retouching Actions:

Ultra Smooth Skin: For beautiful, super smooth skin and a clear complexion.
Natural Smooth Skin: Create gorgeous smooth skin while retaining natural
and refined skin texture. You control the amount of smoothness and detail.
Instant Perfect Skin: Instantly smooths and improves skin tone and clarity. 
Pore Diminisher: Gently smooth pores and even skin tones. 
Wrinkle Eraser: Reduce or diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Simple Skin Smoother: An everyday, medium coverage skin smoother (great for children or light retouch).
Creamy Light Skin: Create creamy, baby smooth, beautiful skin while diminishing unwanted red tones. (great for newborns)
Creamy Powder: Even skin tone and shine with this light, matte, creamy powder. 

Eye Retouching Actions:

All-in-One Eye Action:  Create gorgeous, sparkly eyes with this all-in-one action.  Includes Eye Sparkle, Whiten Eye Whites & Darken Lashes. This action is totally adjustable, quick and easy to use, and all inclusive.
Quick Eye Sparkle: Super quick eye brightening for more subtle eye sparkle.
Smokey Eyes (Shadow & Mascara): Create soft or dramatic smokey eyes.

Teeth, Lips, Cheeks:

Whiten Teeth: Lighten, brighten & remove unwanted yellow tones from teeth to create a beautiful, pearly white smile. 
Rosy Lips / Cheeks:  Brush on soft, beautiful rosy tones to lips and cheeks.
Lip Balm: Subtle smoother and gloss for lips.

Adjustment Brushes:

Light/Dark Brushes:  Paint with light or dark. Non-destructive dodging & burning.
Shadow Brightening Brush: Brush on desired areas to recover details and
brighten shadow areas.
Highlight Recovery Brush:  Protect your highlights and recover highlight details.
Saturation Brush:  Brush on a burst of colour pop right where you want it.

Colour Correction:

Whiten Whites:  Removes unwanted tones and purifies whites.
Yellow Out: Gently remove unwanted yellow tones & casts (great for blonde hair).
Red Out: Reduce unwanted red tones or casts from skin or other areas.


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