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We run a creative agency, specialising in creating content for all kinds of brands, from bloggers & influencers, to fashion designers & venues - and we would LOVE to work with your brand while we're in town. 

Content creation consists of both photo and video - which can be anything from simply creating fresh content to be used across social media platforms, influencer marketing, all the way through to campaigns, editorials or in-depth brand stories & behind the scenes.

We live in a world where imagery has a shorter shelf-life than ever before, and businesses have never been under more pressure to be creating fresh content and posting to social channels as regularly as 3 times a day. Social media is an amazing tool, but it sure as hell creates a big workload for companies like yourself.  

So, I'll get right to the point. We'd love to work with you & think your brand would fit perfectly with what we have in mind.

What we can offer :  

  • Targeted influencer marketing through hand-selected and approved influencers & models - recommending your brand as one of their total faves. 

  • Professionally retouched photography of your clothing, on location in a gorgeous spot in Ibiza (in-keeping with your existing brand imagery). 

  • Short films and marketing videos to make an impact on social channels and beyond (including drone footage if wanted). 

Keen to know your thoughts on this idea - we would love the chance to work alongside you on this. 


We provide an all-inclusive package to help take your brand to new heights, at affordable prices. We work closely with our clients to create a bespoke package which works perfectly for them. Each case is priced and agreed on an individual basis, meaning you always get the best deal possible.

bringing your brand to the social limelight with our never do normal approach to content creation.


Beauty Work - Jessica Withey Photography
Bridal Editorial - Big Ben, London

is it for me?

My coaching program is for professional photographers and other creative small business owners who are serious about up-leveling their business. I'll help you develop your skills, pinpoint priorities & find direction, plus get you motivated to put on your big girl pants and start making. stuff. happen. 

why tho? 

No coaching day is the same. Every session is tailor-made to suit you individually to ensure we cover the areas that will benefit you most. If you're just wanting to focus on photography - hell, let's spend the whole time doing that! If you've got photography down, but need help with your branding - I'm literally at your service. Let's talk about your goals and find a way to get there. 

We can cover anything from camera settings & gear (but techy-talk is banned), software, workflow, editing, pricing, social media & marketing - right through to how to attract your ideal client.


I'd LOVE to be able to tell you I was a photography buff from birth, but NAH.
It was 2010 - instagram had just been released - and an image wasn't finished until it had at least 3 layers of retro filter slapped on top (admit it - you did it too).
At that time, I'd decided to sack off my degree in English Literature (yes, I was that girl) and had managed to convince a reputable Financial Advisor that I was the ideal candidate for the position he had going - and there I was. In a suit. Pretending I knew the first thing about money. (I quickly learned that I'd rather die young than continue on the path of financial advisory.) 
Nick, my boss at the time, had been studying a 6 year degree in Photography on the side of his business, and was undeniably very passionate about it. He was one of those guys whose interests rubbed off on people and the more he shared with me about his love for photography - the more I realised I actually thought it was pretty cool too. Not only that, but I totally had an eye for it - I just had no idea how to use a camera yet. ---
Now... this isn't one of those stories where things just took off within a year - I sucked to begin with. In fact, I sucked for quite a long time - but, nonetheless, I'd decided I was starting this thing - I was gonna be a 'business woman' now. LOL.
5 years on, and quite frankly, I'm still not THE most technical photographer you'll ever meet. I don't geek out over camera settings or lenses - but I do have a whole WORLD of creative vision and the determination to go with it - tell me I can't do something and I'll show you you're wrong. 😂

About Jess

Over those 5 years or so, I have poured myself into learning my craft and eventually growing my business to book out my calendar shooting things I absolutely LOVE. But hear me…those things didn’t come overnight and they didn’t come without a shed-load of hard work. I googled, took classes, attended workshops and networking events, shot a ton, watched tutorials, read blog posts…and on and on and on.

I'm taking everything I've learnt and starting to offer coaching sessions - not because it's the next thing to do - but because I GENUINELY LOVE IT. I really do. People are my jam - and if I get to help you a couple steps alongs your journey - well, the privilege would be all mine. 

We both know that going into business is no walk in the park, but if you think you've got the balls to take this thing to the next level - I'm here for ya! Let's do this. 



Before the day

Prior to our session date, I'll send over an in-depth online assessment questionnaire to assist you in determining where you at, and what you're after. It also helps me to plan for our time together, making it as personal and specific to your needs as I can.

Coaching Session(s)

The majority of our time together will be spent discussing and answering any of your questions in three main focus areas of your choosing. Each session will end with us creating an action plan with specific steps toward reaching your goals.

The focus areas will vary depending on each individual coaching session. Some options include : 

  • Photography (posing, using light, editing, settings, shooting technique, workflow, portfolio review, etc.)

  • Working with Models

  • Working with Couples

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Client Experience

  • Industry Relationships

  • Vision Planning

  • Website

  • Social Media


Depending on your package choice, I'll keep up-to-date with regular check-ins to answer questions, provide support, encouragement and accountability. :)


  • An initial online questionnaire to help you assess where you're at – what is working, what isn’t working and where you want to be.

  • Coaching session(s) customised to your individual business needs. We’ll dig into three main focus areas of your choosing and will end our time with the development of an action plan with specific steps toward reaching your goals.

  • A personalised workbook & goody bag 💕


Add on any of the following to your session : 


  • Regular check-ins via email in between sessions to provide support, encouragement and accountability as you make progress on your action plan and toward your goals.

  • A headshot mini session - allow me to capture some fresh headshots of you to use across social media and on your website.

  • Hands-on shoot with an agency model & pro makeup artist.

  • Hands-on shoot with a real couple - learn how I pose my couples and what tricks I use to get those editorial-style couple's portraits.




{Packages start at £400.00}


To learn more about 1-on-1 coaching with Jess, please send an email to or use the form below :