Instagram is such a fun way to get creative. If you’re wanting to learn how to step up your instagram game, start taking better photos, and create a feed that expresses YOU - who better to ask - than a gal who creates instagram content for brands, FOR A LIVING?!

Scroll down for some full-proof insta tips & tricks to start taking better instagrams, right away.

Instagram is such a fun way to get creative. If you’re wanting to learn how to step up your instagram game, start taking better photos, and begin creating a feed that expresses a little bit of you – who better to ask – than a gal who creates instagram content for brands, FOR. A. LIVING.

Scroll down for some full-proof insta tips & tricks to start taking better instagrams, right away.

Get Lit 🔥

Ever wondered how those instagrammers you follow always capture the most dreamy, soft images. EVERY TIME !?

When you boil it right down, one of the most fundamental factors that will impact your photos is light. If you’re trying to shoot your instagram photos when the sun is beating down from directly above – the light in your photo will be super harsh (dark shadows, and blown out highlights) – HELLO FOREHEAD. WOW. Not only that, but harsh light will emphasise skin imperfections and distort facial features.

Think of it this way – did you ever hold a torch underneath your chin? Looks horrendous, huh? (Not to mention creepy as hell). Now, try holding a giant ball of fire in the sky above your head? Same difference.

When you’re planning to take your instagram photos – the time you choose to shoot means everything. As a woman who spends her days willing the sun to go down, I’d recommend planning in your shoot before 11am, or waiting for that golden hour – late afternoon / evening (an hour or two before the sun sets). This way, you’ll get that warm, soft, dreamy light – AND your skin will look photoshopped. WIN.

👉🏼I get it, you can’t always pre-plan your instagrams. If you find yourself doing something cool with friends and the sun is ruining your vibe – DON’T PANIC. Wherever you are – head for a shaded area, this will give you the option of a softer image.

Move it, or Lose it. 💃🏼

Posing can be scary, embarrassing & v awkward at times. It’s JUST NOT NORMAL, but don’t let that put you off. Here’s a super easy way to nail the right pose at the right time, every time.


Moving is my go-to technique when coming up with a new pose. If a model (or myself for that matter) are coming over a little stiff or un-natural – movement is ALWAYS the answer.

I love how movement adds life and energy to an image – it creates photos that you literally want to jump into, that you can FEEL.

Walk, jump, skip, use a prop, or two. or seven. Try a new angle, compose the shot differently. Think outside of your normal, comfortable box and push yourself to do things that don’t make sense.

Try as many times as it takes to nail that shot.

👉🏼You’re gonna need more phone storage, hun. 😂

Burst Forth 💥

Even just talking about all that movement has gotten me out of breath, but if you’re going to be moving around more, you’re going to need to be shooting more.

You’re upping the risk of missing the perfect moment if you’re going to be pulling those Michael Jackson moves out – so, iPhone users – you’re going to need to hold down the button you use to take a photo for a few seconds – this will activate ‘Burst Mode’ – snapping a ton of photos almost instantly. If you’re using a DSLR camera – make sure you’ve turned on ‘High Speed Continuous Mode’.

Both of the above methods will allow you to whip your hair back and forth AND capture an unruly amount of images while you do it. P.E.R.F.E.C.T

Grab a Prop 🍭

Wow, posing can be a little weird sometimes. Trying to get it right without looking like a douche (in public, no less) can be a near impossible task sometimes.

A solid prop or two can take something from feeling unnatural and awkward, to feeling smooth and effortless.

If by ‘prop’ you thought I meant something grown up – you were wrong. What I’m really talking about is basically just another excuse to snack.

Grab a coffee, a bottle of coke, a cute giant lollipop or a glass of wine and feel instantly smooth – even on an awkward kind of day.

👉🏼Friends can be props too. Rope in your mate, and try to naturally interact with them as your designated photographer fires away. It will alleviate the stress of trying to go solo, and create a natural fun setting. It’ll be awkward to start with, but keep chatting and you’ll soon forget there’s even a camera there (plus, those ‘awkward laughs’ are kinda cute anyway 😉)

Location, location, location 🏝

Location is key.

Whether it’s that perfect looking cafe down the road, or a field of lavender stretching as far as the eye can see – try and find locations that inspire you.

AVOID the popular ‘instagrammer’ spots if you can help it, instead, search for interesting corners of your world. Explore while you create. Forget following the trends, go on the adventure.

👉🏼Don’t be a scumbag. If you visit a popular instagram location, want to use the doorway of someone’s home, or shoot in a public space like a cafe or restaurant for example – ask for permission, and support that business. Buy a drink, stay for a while, have a real-life experience. Don’t be the girl that buys the pretty ‘Unicorn Bowl’ just for the photo. You hate unicorns. Eat the toastie. 😂

So, are you a pro instagrammer yet, or what?

If you enjoyed this life-altering article (HA), and found it helpful I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, comments & questions so hit up the comments section below. Keen to hear from you. 💘


Oh I love this Jess!!! Best one I’ve read about IG! So simple! But so true! It’s brilliant! Love how you write xox

Really informative. I am just about to start my creative IG journey and this is really helpful. I am actually attending my first photographic workshop this evening. Really looking forward to meeting some new like minded photo friends and learning some new tricks with my camera. Thanks ever so much for sharing. X

Lovely info thank you x

Thanks for the top tips!
I definitely need to think about that big ball of fire and timing 👍🏼Xxx

Woow, thanks a lot. Very useful for me as newbie

Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys

Great tips Jess love it !!!



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