Well, guess who’s back with a brand new rap? It’s me. And you wouldn’t want to hear me rap.

Well, guess who’s back with a brand new rap?

It’s me.

And you wouldn’t want to hear me rap.

It’s May, the sun is shining – and I thought I’d hop onto my blog today because… I’ve got a secret.

Now, if you’d like to know what this secret is – you’re going to need to tolerate my elaborate story-telling for just a sec, okay?

This week I’ve absolutely powered through the book ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek (I’m not sure what came over me – I’m not the type of person that nestles down with a book and a blanket. I’m more the person that goes to get ice cream, ya know?)

This book, whilst delving into all the grown up stuff like case studies, marketing techniques and even biology – poses one simple question throughout:


Not ‘What do you do?’ Not ‘How do you do it?’ but ‘Why do you do what you do?’

‘uh… because I like things that look nice? I dunno.’

And at first glance, that seems like the legitimate answer for someone in my line of work; Photography – part of the most vain, conceited industry in the world. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many noble reasons to be doing what I do – unless you’re one of those ‘I capture precious memories’ types. Which I am not. 😂

But it got me thinking (I mean, REALLY thinking until it hurt my brain).

Why did I start this business? What was the thing that motivated me – and just as the book suggested – I took a stroll down memory lane.

For as long as I can remember I have always been the person that, in response to all of life’s reasons not to – I could only ever conclude with the question ‘but why not?’.

And there it was. Right there. That was my ‘why’. Why did I start this business, and why did I stick to it?

Nope, not because I’m passionate about photography – owing to the fact that, quite frankly – I’m not. 😂

But because, for various reasons, in various ways, I had been told over and over again throughout my life that I couldn’t do it.

Because I’m a woman.

Because my head was in the clouds.

Because I ought to do the ‘normal’ thing.

Because I was unreliable, and dis-organised.

Because I should get a real job.

Because I was irresponsible

Because I was a ‘dumb blonde’ (ugh shut up)

Because I ought to crack on, settle down and start churning babies out like there was no tomorrow

Because I was me.

‘You couldn’t run a business if you tried.’

All the evidence pointed to my incapability and I had every reason to back down.

But my response ?


*Health warning – don’t tell me I can’t do something. 😂

But more than that – if the whole point of this entire business was to prove someone wrong – I would have given up a long time ago.

No. I didn’t do it for them.

I did it for every person who’s ever been told they can’t. I did it for every girl with a dream so big that it feels impossible to achieve. For every woman that ever felt backed into a corner by tradition or culture, or money, or religion. I did it for the guy who has a long list of reasons as to why he couldn’t do it.

Why? Because, why the hell can’t we?

My dream from the beginning, even before I knew how to use a camera, was not to build an empire. I didn’t get into this for a huge pay check (LOL – wrong industry) and a fancy car – (’Hi Toyota Avensis’ – the car of a woman with at least 7 children).

The secret? I got myself into this wonderful mess because – I wanted everyone to know that if a girl like me could do it – so could they. If nothing else, it was to inspire people to take one step towards what inspires them – no holds barred.

So, yes – right now, I’m a photographer. But I may not always be.

Maybe one day I’ll be a fashion designer, or a business coach, or a chef (🤷🏼‍♀️) But know this – whatever I end up doing – I’m doing it for people like you.

*cue Bryan Adams


So here’s to us! 🥂 Capable of so much more than we know.

If you felt like anything in this blog post resonated with you (and you sensed the inescapable burning of my eyes staring you out) – please know that I would LOVE to talk to you about your dreams and the things that are stopping you from achieving them.

I LITERALLY just told you that I’m in this for people like you – and what kind of person would I be if I wasn’t willing to get my hands dirty when someone showed up needing help.

Leave me a comment in the section at the bottom and introduce yourself – or drop me an email – I would LITERALLY relish the chance to chat.

Jess x