Distinguished destination wedding photographer, known for her authentic, editorial imagery.

Based in London, available worldwide.

Jess has an innate ability to capture the subtle nuances that transform a good photograph into a masterpiece. 

Her lens takes her across the globe, weaving captivating stories through her photography. From candlelit banquets in the city that never sleeps - to mountaintop nuptials or intimate dinners aboard private yachts—each event becomes a timeless memory, immortalised through Jess's artistry.

As a photographer sought after by the best event planners worldwide, Jess takes pride in creating visual narratives for a diverse clientele, using subtlety and artistry in her approach. By choosing to work with only a few clients each year, she channels her creative energy into every project, resulting in a bespoke and deeply personal experience. 

Her work has been seen in publications around the world, like Condé Nast Brides, Vogue and Elle Magazine.


Editorial Photography in Extraordinary Destinations

Deborah's discreet approach invites you to savor life's moments as if no one is watching, allowing her to capture imagery that is both artful and authentic. 

Deb has been shooting as part of the JW Studio for the past 3 years and has captured love and connection all across Europe, embodying our distinctive style as if it were her own.

She uses a combination of digital and film photography, as well as Super 8 movie film.

our approach

Throughout her journey, Jess has mastered the art of transportive, fashion-forward storytelling - inspired by her background in fashion photography. She instills her signature style into each member of her close-knit team, where they embody her distinctive approach as if it were second nature.

Her toolkit includes a mix of digital, film, and drone photography, creating an aesthetic that ages like a fine vintage wine.

You're after more than aesthetics – you crave photographs with substance and a timeless quality. You desire beautiful captures that feel honest - naturally evoking the warmth, emotion and unique flow of your wedding day.

Narrating Stories for Discerning Clients with Impeccable Taste

Jess & her team have a way of making
every wedding look

magazine worthy. 

— toni

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