Hi. I'm Jess

Photographer - endlessly inspired by fashion, laughter and the pursuit of the simple life.

I live in Hereford, UK with my husband Adam and our 2 year old son - Jax. We have a pink front door, and chickens in the garden.

I love a good adventure and find joy in the little things in life; growing flowers, dry humour, and the sound a cold can of coke makes when you crack it open on a hot day. Movies that move you, a warm summer evening with friends in the garden and a good deep conversation.

I fundamentally believe that life IS beautiful.

When it comes to photographing weddings my entire vibe is creating visual stories in a relaxed + artistic way - with a young energy and an imaginative approach.

I don’t like to make a point of myself, and my goal is to become as much a part of your wedding day as anyone with an actual invite (lol).

I believe that authentic photos really are the only photos that matter.

I create images that are timeless, classy & sincere - that transport you right back to how it felt to live in that moment.

I allow your day to unfold naturally; never forcing moments or expecting you to be anything other than you; it doesn’t need to be any other way.

I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do, and I would be honoured to create art with you.

If you've read this far, thank you. Let's go right ahead and be friends?

Hey, I’m Adam.

and I create films.

Wedding films, live event films, promotional films, social media films - any kind of content - l can make it and l want to make it! I get to travel all over the U.K. and Europe with my work, and I shoot with a relaxed and organic style, always trying to put people at ease.

At weddings you can find me having my bum pinched by the ushers after their 5th round of jaegerbombs, or awkward laughing with the bridesmaids about Uncle Ron’s dance moves.

After filming weddings for over a decade now, l’ve come to understand that the biggest part of the my job is making you and your other half feel as comfortable and like yourselves as possible. So, you won't see me running around like a man possessed - orchestrating moments, but more likely having a laugh with your guests, capturing candid footage and dancing the night away to Rihanna.


A couple more facts about me…

- I love to dance.

- I like to jump off things into water.

- I started off as an accountant and sacked it off to study Film instead!

- I'm a huge fan of cereal and chocolate milk (or really anything dairy based)

- I've been married six years to my wife, Jess. She mows the lawn, I cook the dinners. Together we made a pretty cute and chubby (now 2 year old) Jax, and have another on the way :)

They are the best things to have ever happened to me in my entire life…(but maybe more of a close second to Man Utd winning the treble in ‘99).

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