My name is Jess and I'm a total cat lady. First things first, right?

That aside... 

I'd LOVE to be able to tell you I was a photography buff from birth, but NAH.
It was 2010 - instagram had just been released - and an image wasn't finished until it had at least 3 layers of retro filter slapped on top (admit it - you did it too).
At that time, I'd decided to sack off my degree in English Literature (yes, I was that girl) and had managed to convince a reputable Financial Advisor that I was the ideal candidate for the position he had going - and there I was. In a suit. Pretending I knew the first thing about money. (I quickly learned that I'd rather die young than continue on the path of financial advisory.) 

Nick, my boss at the time, had been studying a 6 year degree in photography on the side of his business, and was undeniably very passionate about it. He was one of those guys whose interests rubbed off on people and the more he shared with me about his love for photography - the more I realised I actually thought it was pretty cool too. Not only that, but I totally had an eye for it - I just had no idea how to use a camera yet.

Now... this isn't one of those stories where things just took off within a year - I sucked to begin with. In fact, I sucked for quite a long time - but, nonetheless, I'd decided I was starting this thing - I was gonna be a 'business woman' now. LOL.

5 years on, and quite frankly, I'm still not THE most technical photographer you'll ever meet. I don't geek out over camera settings or lenses - but I do have a whole WORLD of creative vision and the determination to go with it - tell me I can't do something and I'll show you you're wrong. 😂

Over those 5 years or so, I have poured myself into learning my craft and eventually growing my business to book out my calendar shooting things I absolutely LOVE.

If you’re looking for a photographer that will absolutely pour themselves into understanding your brand & your audience, and take pride in creating images especially for you - I’d love to hear from you.

I think we’d be great together ;)


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